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Make Your Yard Mosquito Free

by Denise D'Amico


Make Your Yard Mosquito Free

Summer is here and the sunshine is calling. Don't let mosquitos ruin your outdoor fun. Here are a few tips for keeping the bugs out of your backyard.
1. Look out for standing water
Standing water of any depth – whether it's the half-inch at the bottom of a planter or the six inches stagnating in your wheelbarrow – is an invitation for mosquitos (they need water to breed). Be careful not to overwater your lawn and to refresh water containers, like dog bowls, often.
2. That includes your gutters
Make sure your gutters are clean and water drains freely. Otherwise, you're the proprietor of a very long singles bar for mosquitos.
3. Switch your bulbs
In some areas of the country, depending on the breed of mosquitos, swapping out the bulbs you use in your outdoor lights for yellow bug bulbs can mean fewer insects swarming the lights.
4. Trim away
Mosquitos like to hang out in the shade and feast on plant nectar. Keep your lawn short and hack down heavy vegetation near your patio and house to make your property less appealing.
5. Blast the buggers
Mosquitos aren't powerful fliers. Strategically placed fans around your deck can blow them away, and a ceiling fan above your covered porch can help too.
6. Hang a net
When done correctly, mosquito netting can drape your patio or outdoor eating area in elegance while keeping the bugs at bay.
7. Light candles Citronella candles, lamps and coils can help repel mosquitos.
8. Bring in the big guns
Work with a professional pest control company who can install misters to work all season, or spray your yard once for a special occasion.

4 Tips To A Greener Lawn To Increase Curb Appeal

by Denise D'Amico
4 Tips To A Greener Lawn To Increase Curb Appeal
A great lawn can serve as a green calling card for your home. Here are a few things you can do this spring to help your lawn – and curb appeal – flourish.
1. Test before you invest Find out the acid and alkaline levels of your soil with a testing kit from the hardware store before you shell out bucks for fertilizer and seed. The test will help you determine the right products to help your lawn flourish.
2. Give it some air Grass and soil can get compacted during the winter, making it difficult for oxygen and nutrients to reach root systems. Aerating, or poking holes in the lawn, helps. You can hire a lawn service to do this, buy a rolling tool, or use inexpensive strap-on attachments for your shoes that aerate the lawn as you march around.
3. Seed or weed Spring is prime time for seeding sparse areas of your lawn or applying a natural herbicide to prevent crabgrass and other weeds from sprouting. Don't do both, as the herbicide will also kill the grass seeds.
4. Mow tall For the lushest lawn, set your mower to the tallest setting and cut only about the top third of the grass. Taller blades promote healthier root systems and help shade the ground soil, preventing it from drying out.

Ease Into Gardening Season With Containers

by Denise D'Amico
Ease Into Gardening Season With Containers


If you're ready for gardening but the weather – or the level of gardening skill in your house – is still too unpredictable, consider potted plants and flowers.

Container gardening is probably the quickest way to bring a flash of color – and a touch of class – to your entryway or yard.  Best of all, anyone can do it – and inexpensively, too.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • ​Unless you have a large budget, stick to terra cotta pots available in most home-improvement stores. For the price of one glazed ceramic pot, you can often get at least a couple of terra cotta ones. If you want to jazz them up, head to your nearest craft store and ask for terra cotta sealer and paint that will help you transform these humble vessels into eye-catching decorative statements.
  • ​Whatever kind of pot you decide on, make sure it has drain holes at the bottom to prevent root rot. ​If you're reusing old pots, make sure you clean them well with warm water, a mild dish detergent and a gentle brush. This will help to keep your flowers healthy in the event the previous plant was diseased.
  • If you chose a large pot, place large pebbles or rocks at the bottom before you pour in the soil. This will help the drainage holes from getting clogged or the soil from seeping out.
  • Don't set your potted plants right on a wood deck. Raise it to make cleaning underneath easier, and to avoid wood warping from water overflow. You should be watering frequently because many pots are porous and tend to dry out quickly.
  • ​Potting soil, mixed with compost, is usually recommended for container gardens. However, many people find that regular planting soil (which costs less) that's enriched with plant food and watered regularly works well, too.
  • Start with plants that thrive in cool weather. Few plants pack such an early visual punch as pansies, especially if you plant one color per pot. Pansies are hardy, widely available, don't cost a lot, and you can put them out right now.  Snapdragons and Lenten Rose also are good options.

Finally, a word of caution! Container gardening can be addictive and it isn't just for decoration. You can grow everything from herbs and vegetables to evergreens and small trees in appropriately sized pots. And because container gardening is growing in popularity, it can often enhance the desirability of a home, condo or townhome for sale.

If selling your home is in your plans, contact Denise D'Amico. She can advise other easy ways to enhance the look of your home, and what kinds of gardens appeal most to buyers in your area.

Denise D'Amico presents...Santa's Hotline for Kids!

by Denise D'Amico

Kids, call me anytime.
Leave me your gift list and holiday wishes.

Top Notch Local Tree Service

by Denise D'Amico
Here's A Local Top Notch Professional Tree Service
If you are ever in need of a reliable tree service that provides excellent work and very reasonable rates, check out Central Forestree. They're local, insured and have been serving the Barrington Area for over 7 years. Tree removal, lot clearing, mulch, firewood, spring and storm damage clean up, plus many other services. Go to their website at: Central

Happy Halloween

by Denise D'Amico

Buying or Selling a home is not
a "frightening" experience
when you use Denise D'Amico.

Change Your Clocks This Sunday

by Denise D'Amico
Turn Back Your Clocks 1 Hour
This Sunday, November 3rd.

Don't Forget To Turn Back Your Clocks!!!!

by Denise D'Amico

Don't Forget!

Turn Your Clocks Back 1 Hour on Sunday, November 3rd!

Christmas Cards for Recovering Soldiers

by Denise D'Amico
Send A Christmas Card to Recovering Soldiers
This year when you are sending out your Holiday cards,
please remember those who have given so much
so we all may enjoy the freedoms of this great country.
Please send a card to:
c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20307-5001
Thank you very much, and please pass this on to others.
It would mean so much to those who have served.

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