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5 Projects To Tackle This Spring Break

by Denise D'Amico
5 Projects To Tackle This Spring Break
March (hopefully) means the weather is warming up. If you don't have a trip planned to an exotic locale, take some time to get ahead on home maintenance projects. Here are a few projects you can complete during a spring fling of home repair.
1. Fun with water Power washing your home's exterior not only adds to its sparkle factor, but also blasts away any potentially damaging mold and mildew. Rent a machine at your local home improvement store and tackle your siding, deck and driveway.
2. Check your AC Scheduling a tune-up for your cooling system can save you bucks in the long term. Change your AC filter and schedule a pro to come check your system now, before contractors get busy.
3. Go with the flow Pull out a ladder and unclog gutters and check that they're connected securely.
4. Bask in the sun Catch some rays – and brighten your home – by cleaning the interior and exterior of your windows. Try a squeegee and skip the paper towels, to avoid looking out through a filter of lint.
5. Hit the fridge Dust and grime on your refrigerator's coils causes the machine to use more energy to cool. Cleaning coils is easy with your vacuum's hose attachment. Then, enjoy efficiently-made ice cubes in a cocktail after all your hard work. And add a paper drink umbrella. After all, it is spring break
Thinking about selling your home? Find out if you should be focusing on larger projects by talking to Denise D’Amico today. You can reach Denise at 847-551-9290.

Some of the Ways We Market Your Home

by Denise D'Amico

Some of the Ways We Market Your Home

Experienced agents understand how to accurately price your home and make it stand out in the market. They also have access to a vast referral network, enabling them to connect with potential buyers across town or around the world.
Here are a few avenues RE/MAX agents may use to market your home, both online and off.
Multiple photos: Studies show that buyers are more likely to visit a home that includes multiple photos of the listing. Well-lit, wide-angled photos highlight your home's best features and important rooms.
Designated website: A customized website for your home is an effective online marketing strategy. It can showcase your home with photos, virtual tours or videos, and details about the property and surrounding neighborhood.
Virtual tours: Video tours can be posted with or without a designated property website. Giving buyers an inside look at your property online can get them interested enough to schedule a showing.
Home search websites: More than 75 percent of buyers start their home search online. It’s important that your listing receives full exposure in the MLS and in search engine results. Posting your listing on Craigslist, Facebook, newspaper websites and elsewhere can also be effective in reaching potential buyers. All RE/MAX listings (as well as listings from other companies) appear on, where millions of buyers browse for homes and see listings with multiple photos, property descriptions and other details.
Design Center: RE/MAX agents have access to a proprietary design center that enables them to create professional marketing materials of your home for print and/or online exposure. The
RE/MAX network: Another advantage of choosing RE/MAX is direct access to a network of nearly 90,000 RE/MAX agents around the world, many of them working with motivated buyers.
The RE/MAX yard sign: The RE/MAX Balloon is among the most recognized logos across all industries, not just real estate. A RE/MAX yard sign in front of your house makes an immediate, positive connection with potential buyers who already know the brand.
There are other ways we Market your home. To find out more, contact Denise D'Amico.

5 Next Steps When A Sale Falls Through

by Denise D'Amico
5 Next Steps When a Sale Falls Through
Remember Charlie Brown, lying dejected on the ground after Lucy yanked the football away at the very last second? That’s how it can feel when your home sale falls through. Unfortunately, several things can derail a sale, from lenders rejecting your buyer’s mortgage application to buyer’s remorse. Your agent may suggest several different next steps after a sale collapses. Here are some possibilities.
1. Go to Plan B In the best-case scenario, you’ll have several backup offers on your property and, without re-listing or re-marketing, your agent can simply move on to the next buyer.
2. Re-inspect Do you take issue with the report filed by the buyer’s home inspector? Hire your own for a second opinion.
3. Don’t despair – repair Did the buyer present you with a list of improvements they wanted addressed? Your agent can help you decide which, if any, of those items might be worth fixing before relisting.
4. Is the price right? Your agent may look at any changes in your local market that took place in the time since you first listed your home. You may consider bumping your listing price up, or down, to more accurately reflect the current market.
5. Update your listing Freshen the listing content with new photos and descriptions based on some of the feedback from prospective buyers. If your home has been on the market through a change of seasons, new pictures of the exterior are also a good idea. Sales can fall through for a wide range of reasons.
Work with an experienced agent, like Denise D'Amico who can lay the groundwork for a successful closing.

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