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Villa II Forte
Asking Price: $131,500,000.00
The villa Il Forte was built in 1965 at the beginning of the development of the Costa Smeralda by the Prince Karim Aga Khan. Jacques Couelle was one of the first architects to work thoroughly on incorporating houses in the landscape and to introduce round shapes in houses design. Although it has a sea fronting and overhangs the whole bay of Porto Cervo offering a panoramic view including the old marina, the whole village and the exit of the bay to the sea, the Villa Il Forte remains hard to see from the coast, as it is embedded in the nature according to Jacques Couelle's philosophy. The villa Il Forte is located in Porto Cervo, on the north shore of the Italian island of Sardinia. Porto Cervo represents the heart of the Costa Smeralda, one of the most exclusive place of the Mediterranean Sea. Porto Cervo has its own helipad and is 40 minutes by car from Olbia International Airport, which is 30 minutes by plane from Rome, or 2 hours and a half from London and Paris, and 4 hours from Moscow. The Property is located on the north part of the bay of Porto Cervo, facing the whole bay. The villa is built on a 23 000 sqm land, on which the housing part represents 1 100 sqm including the main house of 820 sqm, the guardian house, garages and the pool house. The main house consists of three floors. The main ground floor includes the living area and two bedrooms on the patio. The first floor includes Three bedrooms on the patio and a master suite bedroom with a direct view on the bay. The lower floor (side of hill beneath the terrace) consists of two guest bedrooms, two service bedrooms, cellar, laundry and living area for the staff. Every bedroom is equipped with air conditioning, network connection and comes with its own independent bathroom. The fully equipped kitchen was done by BOFFI, the best Italian kitchen designer. It includes air conditioning and semi professional equipment. The property includes a heated swimming pool with a view on the bay of Porto Cervo and a tennis court. A bar and TV room is located beneath the swimming pool. The villa Il Forte is apart in Porto Cervo as it one of the only villas with a seaside fronting of 80 meters long and a small private beach. It also has the only permanent private deck, long enough for a 18 meters long boat. According to a recent law enforced in Italy, an extension of 100 sqm can be built on the property. Summary: •820 sqm main house; •7 guests bedrooms with independent bathroom; •1 master suite bedroom; •Air conditioning in all bedrooms and kitchen; •Fully equipped gourmet kitchen; •Swimming pool; •Tennis court; •Private beach and deck; •Guardian's house and garages; •5 service bedrooms.

Airplane House

by Denise D'Amico
Airplane House
At one point in time this airplane flew people from South Africa to Columbia, but at the end of its career it ended up at the San Jose airport. Here it was purchased for $2,000 and recycled into a home located in Costa Rica. The 2-bedroom domain has epic views of the ocean and surrounding gardens thanks to the long hallway adorned with endless windows–provided by the plane. It cost $4,000 to transport the plane to Costa Rica, at which point an additional $24,000 was spent in renovations to make the airplane feel like home.

8 Tips For 1st Time Sellers

by Denise D'Amico
8 Tips For 1st Time Sellers
If you're selling a home for the first time, it's quite a different ballgame from what you experienced as a first-time buyer. Ultimately, you're in control of the process. You call the shots on prepping your home for sale, deciding on a listing price, accepting (or rejecting) offers, and a host of other factors. But you might want to heed the following tips:
1. Hire an experienced real estate agent like Denise D'Amico.  A real estate transaction is filled with complexities and nuances that a professional, skilled agent like Denise D'Amico can help you navigate.
2. Detach yourself from the process You've made memories to last a lifetime in your first home, and saying goodbye is hard. But be careful not to let your emotional attachment get in the way of making sound decisions, particularly when it comes to staging and pricing your home. Try to see your home as a potential buyer would. Pretend you're a potential buyer and walk through your home. Make a list of what you like about each room – and the things you'd change.
3. Don't overprice Some sellers might think that in today's low-inventory market they can overprice their home and get top dollar. In reality, if you price it competitively, you'll create a flurry of activity and (possibly) get in a situation where multiple offers are rolling in. Overpricing at the start hurts your chances of getting a quick sale, especially if numerous price reductions are needed.
4. Declutter and stage for a quick sale Buyers who tour your home will have a hard time picturing themselves living in it if they only see paint colors or décor that fits your own unique style. Repaint the walls with neutral, earth-tone colors, and remove excess decorations from walls. Consider renting a storage unit to store large furniture that overpowers your main living areas; rooms should appear as spacious as possible.
5. Make the necessary repairs/upgrades Ensure that all systems and appliances are functioning properly, as these items will come up in a home inspection that might cost you more money and, possibly, the whole sale down the road. The rule of thumb is to make improvements to your home that will help the property show well, but don't put a ton of money into capital investments such as a basement refinish or high-end flooring, particularly if such upgrades aren't consistent for your neighborhood. You likely won't get that money back in the sale.
6. Give your home curb appeal Your home's front exterior is the first thing potential buyers will see when they drive by, and it's likely the first photo that will appear in an online search. Give your front door a fresh coat of paint, add some bright flowers to your entryway, and make sure that any cracks or major cement damage is fixed. Consider renting a pressure washer to get rid of the grime and buildup on the outside of your house, and definitely keep the yard mowed and tidy. A little elbow grease goes a long way to making a positive first impression on buyers.
7. Keep an open mind for negotiations What's more important to you: Walking away with your asking price (or more)? A quick closing time? Putting out as little up front cash in closing costs as possible? All of these are considerations you'll need to make as you evaluate offers. Also, keep in mind that you have the ability to negotiate with counter-offers. Sometimes, you can sweeten the deal by offering to pay a buyer's closing costs (if feasible), or leaving some appliances behind. A few concessions can go a long way in the negotiation process, and your Realtor can work with you to carefully evaluate and respond to each offer.
8. Get ready for closing Once you've accepted an offer and signed a sales agreement, you'll start prepping for a closing. Also called “escrow" or “settlement," closing is the final meeting between the buyer, seller, their agents and a loan officer (or an attorney, in some states) where the buyer pays their portion of the costs to the seller and the buyer's new title and any mortgage liens are properly recorded. The closing agent will calculate what monies are due to the owner and what credits need to be applied to the transaction, such as taxes, title fees and other closing costs.
Ready to sell? Call Denise D'Amico at The Denise D'Amico Real Estate Group today. She can help you navigate all these steps.

4 Tips To A Greener Lawn To Increase Curb Appeal

by Denise D'Amico
4 Tips To A Greener Lawn To Increase Curb Appeal
A great lawn can serve as a green calling card for your home. Here are a few things you can do this spring to help your lawn – and curb appeal – flourish.
1. Test before you invest Find out the acid and alkaline levels of your soil with a testing kit from the hardware store before you shell out bucks for fertilizer and seed. The test will help you determine the right products to help your lawn flourish.
2. Give it some air Grass and soil can get compacted during the winter, making it difficult for oxygen and nutrients to reach root systems. Aerating, or poking holes in the lawn, helps. You can hire a lawn service to do this, buy a rolling tool, or use inexpensive strap-on attachments for your shoes that aerate the lawn as you march around.
3. Seed or weed Spring is prime time for seeding sparse areas of your lawn or applying a natural herbicide to prevent crabgrass and other weeds from sprouting. Don't do both, as the herbicide will also kill the grass seeds.
4. Mow tall For the lushest lawn, set your mower to the tallest setting and cut only about the top third of the grass. Taller blades promote healthier root systems and help shade the ground soil, preventing it from drying out.

7 Ways To Reduce Stress When Buying or Selling A Home

by Denise D'Amico
7 Ways To Reduce Stress When buying or Selling A Home
Research has shown that buying or selling a home can be one of life’s most stressful events — right up there with filing for bankruptcy or getting a divorce. Preparation is the key to reducing anxiety. Here are a few tips:
1. Choose your agent carefully
An experienced pro will be prepared for every twist in the road, minimizing stress for you. Denise D'Amico has 22 years experience. She and her Real Estate Group can get you through the process virtually stress free.
2. Home buyers:
List before looking Create and prioritize a list of “wants” and “needs” of home features before you begin touring properties. Waiting to think about what you’re truly looking for in a home until the showing will put you on the spot, creating anxiety.
3. Home buyers:
Get mortgage preapproval Having your finances ready eliminates white-knuckled waiting periods, or unpleasant surprises from lenders after you’ve found your dream home.
4. Don’t take things personally
It’s not you, it’s them. Or the market. Or the lender. Try not to take it personally if buyers value your home for less than what you’re asking, or if a seller rejects what you believe is a perfectly reasonable offer.
5. Keep things in perspective
Consider the worst-case scenario. Will you have to forage for food? Will you need to sell a kidney? Probably not. Other buyers will eventually materialize. Or you’ll find another home you love just as much as the one that got away.
6. Focus on something else
Give yourself a break and indulge in an activity that requires the undivided attention of your body and mind. Yoga lessons, anyone?
7. Find a four-legged friend.
Petting and playing with animals is clinically proven to lower your blood pressure. And they won’t interrupt if you need to vent.
You can always talk things through with your Realtor, Denise D'Amico. It's another way to de-stress.

6 Symbolic Housewarming Gifts

by Denise D'Amico
6 Symbolic Housewarming Gifts
Did you know? Housewarming parties started in medieval times when they were held to, literally, warm the house as the new homeowners moved in. Neighbors would come with firewood and light up the hearth not only for warmth, but to chase off any bad spirits that might have been lurking a
bout. In modern times, it's more customary to bring a gift (no experience with the supernatural required). Here are some ideas with a medieval spin.
1. Bread The gift of a loaf of bread is traditionally given with the wish that the home would never know hunger. These days, you might want to check with your hosts' gluten sensitivities before kneading away. An electronic bread maker could be an updated option.
2. Salt Salt is given with the wish that life in the home always has flavor. While a bag of salt suits the bill, you can class it up by giving a fun set of salt and pepper shakers.
3. Roosters Roosters used to be given to serve as a feathered home security system. Depending on zoning laws, and whether or not the hosts are morning people, consider rooster themed dishtowels or crockery instead.
4. Wine A gift of wine conveys wishes of joy and prosperity. Wine-related gifts, like stoppers, glasses and decanters can do the same.
5. Candles These are given with the hope that the people in the home always live in light and happiness.
6. Wood Wooden gifts symbolize a wish of stability for the home and the people who live there. Salad bowls and cutting boards are useful options that can also be works of art.
And what not to give? Knives. Tradition holds that the gift of a knife may cut a friendship. Is it your turn to make a move?

8 Fun Indoor Activities For Kids

by Denise D'Amico

8 Fun Indoor Activities For Kids
For those rainy Spring days it's good to have an emergency list of indoor boredom-busting activities for kids other than the TV. See if any of these activities might appeal to your little ones.
1. Hit the “lab" Try a few experiments. You can build a classic sparkly volcano, with baking soda, vinegar and glitter in a vase, or write secret messages with invisible ink made from lemon juice. Many more ideas are available online.
2. Ready, set, go! Incorporate furniture, cardboard boxes and jump ropes in obstacle courses kids can run against the clock.
3. Strike out Hardwood floors are perfect for indoor bowling. Stack plastic cups in a pyramid and try to bowl them over with rolled up socks.
4. Go old school Have kids create cards or write letters to out-of-town friends and relatives — or even public figures they admire!
5. Go hunting Create a scavenger hunts for kids.
6. DIY cooking/baking show Kids love to get creative in the kitchen, especially with foods that can be extensively “decorated" such as pizzas and cupcakes. Add another level of fun by recording the process and splicing together a mini-cooking show for relatives.
7. Color me busy There are a zillion types of coloring books available for kids. Lately, coloring books have also grown in popularity with stressed-out adults. Sit down with your kids and try to stay in the lines — or not! 8. Get up on the dance floor Move the furniture and clear space for the kids to boogie down. Music services like Pandora can help you find just the right tunes to get kids moving. When you're looking for a home with more room for your kids to play, call Denise D'Amico.

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