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Cool Down Your Home in the Heat!

by Denise D'Amico


Cool Down Your Home in the Heat!



Ah, summer. Kids playing outside, family vacations, ample sunshine and plenty of cool treats. Did I mention oppressive heat? Yup, there’s that too.

Don’t get me wrong: I love summer. But like so many other homeowners, I enjoy an air-conditioned home in the summer months after being baked by the sun’s rays outside.

Here are some tips to help keep your house cool when the summer weather heats up:

Program your thermostat.

Set the thermostat to 75 degrees when you’re home, but not much lower. Doing so will make your A/C work harder. When you leave the house, program the thermostat to 80 degrees then adjust it to go back to 75 degrees 30 minutes before you arrive home. It takes more energy to restart an A/C unit after being off for several hours so it’s best to leave it on and program it. Set it and forget it!

Use your ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans are great. We installed fans in every home we’ve lived in. It helps us limit our air conditioner usage and save money on our utility bills. Installing ceiling fans in bedrooms and common areas is fairly inexpensive compared to the price you’ll pay to cool an entire house in the summer months. Make sure your fans are switched to rotate counter-clockwise in the summer to push cool air down.

Close the blinds.

Sunlight is a thing of beauty, but too much of it shining through your windows can heat up your home fast. Keep the blinds and curtains drawn in your home, especially when you’re not there, to minimize the UV rays coming in. You can take it a step further by investing in window coverings and/or window films – available at most home improvement stores – that are specially designed to block out UV rays. Darker coverings will absorb the light and make rooms hotter, so choose carefully.

Open the windows at night.

If it cools off enough during the night, crack some windows to help draw in some breezy drafts. It’s safer to open the windows on the upper level of your home or in areas on the main level that are inaccessible to anyone from the outside. Make sure you shut the windows during the day, though, to keep in the cool air from your air conditioning.

Cook on the grill.

It’s a no-brainer: Using your stove and/or oven during the summer months pumps more hot air throughout your home. The solution: Grill outside as much as possible. After all, you don’t want to sit down for supper bathed in sweat. As a bonus, grilling your food is a healthier way to prepare your favorite dishes. Yum!

Switch out light bulbs.

Did you know incandescent and fluorescent bulbs give off more heat than CFLs? Now you do! Swap those old-school light bulbs for CFLs and not only will you reduce the heat throughout your home, but your electricity bill will reflect some savings too. Win-win!


Housing Report Summary June 2014

by Denise D'Amico




Housing Report for June 2014


Simple Update You Can Make to Your Home

by Denise D'Amico
You Can Make Simple Updates to Your Home

When it comes time to redo a space in your home, there are two basic options: take it easy or take it to the max.
Whether you are limited by budget, time, skill level or all three, sometimes you just want to keep it simple. Thankfully, there are ways to leverage industry tricks, retail sales, and elbow grease to make little changes that make a big impact. Here are some easy updates for every room:

Living Room
 A couple bucks and a stepladder could be all you need to transform the look of your living room. Go ahead, change out those draped. Freshen up your look with a bright color or introduce some additional hues to your color story. A bold print can really inject some new life into your space.
One more thing: Coordinate with a few new throw pillows and you have a snazzy, easy updated look.

Is your kitchen sporting mismatched appliances? If you're not ready to invest in stainless steel but you want the look, cover up your appliances. These stainless steel magnets offer an inexpensive way to get an updated look without the big expense.

One more thing: Placemats. Often overlooked and underappreciated, placemats can provide a layer of texture to round out a tablescape and provide protection for your table's finish.

If you like the amount of warmth provided by your bedding but are dying for a different look, a duvet cover is a great alternative to buying a whole new set. Check out a wide range of options from very affordable to very luxurious on Houzz.

One more thing: An old bedroom set can date a room, but easy updates can help bring it into this century. Consider painting or re-staining one (or more) piece. Or, simply change out the hardware to something more modern for an update you can make in under an hour.

Powder Room
Say goodbye to peeling paint and grungy sinks. A new vanity can update and refresh your powder room with a minimum amount of hassle and expense. If you're not skilled at plumbing, make sure you include the cost of bringing in a professional.

One more thing:
If you'd rather keep your existing cabinets, swap out your dated faucet and sand and paint your cabinets a fresh color for a like-new look.

A few hours on a weekend, a few friends in their old clothes, and a few 12-packs of beer should get you from drab walls to colorful space. Whether you want to stay with a neutral or go for something trendy and bold like, one thing is certain: the look of your room, and the mood, is about to change.

One more thing:
Accent your pretty new walls with some new art. Sites like have prints in a variety of styles, sizes, and prices. Whether you want a reproduction of Picasso or a modern pop of color, you can find it here.


by Denise D'Amico


The SuperMoon!


The scientific phenomenom known as "perigee moon" will appear not only once, but three times this summer on July 12,  Aug. 10 and Sept. 9, all on days that full moons are expected, according to NASA.

Last year's "supermoon" was 14% larger and 30% brighter than a typical full moon, prompting many Southern California residents to pick up a camera and observe the spectacle.
On Saturday, the "supermoon" will appear at 4:25 a.m., so far making it the closest and largest full moon this year.

Aug. 10th's "supermoon" should be especially large because it will become full at the same hour of perigee.

Happy 4th of July from The Denise D'Amico Group

by Denise D'Amico

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